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Student discount

Students and educational institutions qualify for a discount when buying Opera. Proof of qualification is required. A scanned image of your student ID or a letter from your school will suffice. Submit to with the subject "Qualification For Discount".

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Select licenses and operating system:

Licenses Operating system Price
windows 7 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP 20 USD
linux 7 for Linux (INTEL) 20 USD
linux 7 for Linux (PPC) 20 USD
linux 7 for Solaris (Sparc) 20 USD
mac 7 for Mac OS X 20 USD
symbian 5 for Psion OS (EPOC/Psion) 20 USD
os/2 5 for OS/2 20 USD
freebsd 7 for FreeBSD 20 USD

Proof to qualify for discount:

Name of Institution:

(Only for students and educational institutions)

Proof to qualify for discount:

(student identification card number)

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