Pocket PC Owner Name

Note: This is only required if you are purchasing either DoubleLauncher or Touch Keyboard.
If you aren't purchasing either of those programs, just enter the name you would like the program registered to in this field.

The Pocket PC Owner Name is the name that appears in the "Owner" field on your Pocket PC's Today screen. The Pocket PC Owner Name is usually the name of the primary user of the Pocket PC. The Pocket PC Owner Name can also be found by looking at the Owner Information under Settings. If you do not have an Owner Name currently entered into your Pocket PC, then you will need to create one at this time. As you complete your purchase of the software, be sure to enter the Pocket PC Owner Name on the order page exactly as it appears on your Pocket PC. The key sent you is based on this name and may not work if this field is not entered properly, so please double check for accuracy!