Upgrade Opera

Upgrade Opera for USD 15:
If you hold a valid Opera registration code, you can upgrade for USD 15. Choose to upgrade within your operating system (Opera for OS) for USD 15 or to another OS at USD 15.

Note: All decimal upgrades within one Opera for OS version number are free.

Upgrade for free:
Users who bought Opera 6.x for USD 39 during the Power Kit campaign, or thereafter for USD 29, are entitled to a free upgrade to Opera 7.x for Windows.

Javascript must be enabled in order to process your order properly.

Select licenses and operating system:

Licenses Operating system Price
windows 7 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP 15 USD
linux 7 for Linux (INTEL) 15 USD
linux 7 for Linux (PPC) 15 USD
linux 7 for Solaris (Sparc) 15 USD
mac 7 for Mac OS X 15 USD
symbian 6 for Series 60 (Symbian OS) 15 USD
Psion 5 for Psion OS (EPOC/Psion) 15 USD
os/2 5 for OS/2 15 USD
freebsd 7 for FreeBSD 15 USD

Enter registration code:

IMEI code (Required if upgrading from Nokia Series 60):

Registration Code:

When you are upgrading, you need to supply a valid registration code.
If you have lost your registration code, please look it up.

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*Duo buy Opera for an additional OS and save 31%.

*Trio buy Opera for two additional OS's and save 35%.

If you would like to buy more than 9 copies for one OS, contact us at orders@bmtmicro.com. If you want to register an expired version of Opera 2.x, 3.x or 4.x, please fill out our text form.


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Privacy Policy

In order to process the purchases of licenses for copies of our software, personal information about a user is collected by Opera Software. We retain records of licensed users of our software, but we do not in any way sell or share this information with other parties, advertising partners or agencies.