Opera for multiple Operating Systems

If you have a PC with Windows and Linux you would never have to reboot, to surf with Opera, ever again. Buy an extra Opera license in your name for only USD 10.-. If you have more systems at home, for every extra OS you pay only additional USD 10.-.

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Select licenses and operating system:

Licenses Operating System Version Price Duo* Trio*
windows Win32 OS Opera 7 $39 linux mac freebsd os/2 symbian linux mac os/2
linux Linux OS (INTEL) Opera 7 $39 linux windows mac os/2 linux windows mac os/2
linux Linux OS (PPC) Opera 7 $39 --- ---
linux Linux OS(SPARC) Opera 7 $39 --- ---
mac Mac OS X Opera 7 $39 windows linux symbian windows linux
symbian Series 60 (Symbian OS) Opera 6 $29 windows mac linux ---
symbian Psion OS Opera 5 $39 windows mac ---
os/2 OS/2 Opera 5 $39 windows linux windows linux
FreeBSD FreeBSD Opera 6 $39 windows --
All prices are shown in US Dollars.

*Duo buy Opera for an additional OS and save 31%.

*Trio buy Opera for two additional OS's and save 35%.

If you would like to buy more than 9 copies for one OS, contact us at orders@bmtmicro.com. If you want to register an expired version of Opera 2.x, 3.x or 4.x, please fill out our text form.

Operating Systems

Opera 7 for Win32 OS supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Opera 7 for Linux OS supports all major Linux distributions.

Opera Kiosk
Registered versions of Opera 7 for Windows and Linux can be used in KIOSK mode.

Opera 6 for MacOS supports MacOS 8.6 - MacOS 10.2

Opera 5 for Psion OS supports

Epoc powered Psion: Revo, Revo+, netBook, netPad series 5 classic, -mx, -mxpro series 7

Ericsson: MC218

Oregon: Osaris

Diamond: Mako